More Names: narrowcasting and vpod?

At the end of this month, Virgin Electronics will introduce its version of a mini ipod. Are they going to brush the term 'pod'(casting) aside, because it refers to Apple's ipod? Made me think of the 'narrowcasting' applications, which "allow advertising and other information to be delivered to narrow demographic groups at specific times in public venues". Many players in that market still use their own term, like 'digital signage', 'dynamic signage', 'digital visual messaging', 'narrowcasting in public spaces', 'out-of-home television', 'digital media networks', 'captive audience networks', 'placed-based media' and so on. 'Digital signage' seems to be winning the battle. That took 3 or 4 years though. Could this happen to pod's and podcasting too? (What's more: by providing subscription based programs to a specific audience, podcasting can also be defined as 'narrowcasting'..). Virgin hasn't officially named its device yet. Wired calls it a 'Vpod' already, but Virgin may have other plans.


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