In Europe the audiobook still lurks in obscurity. With the emergence of podcasting and the attention that brings to 'all things audio', many people will give it a first or fresh look. Getting 10, 15 or even more hours of mp3 automagically pumped into your pod (of whatever kind) obviously won't do the trick. 'Books by Chapter' could though, as could short stories, columns, editorials, magazine articles, poetry.. Sean Penn has done the audiobook version of Bob Dylan's 'Chronicles: Volume One': give me one ChapterCast a day and an option (after 3 chapters) to end the subscription at any time! Meanwhile Adam Curry is talking to publishers about a new effort to get people listening & buying. He'll make something happen, i'm sure. Of course, many are on the right track already: 'enclosures' and good marketing should do that trick .


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Would love to get a daily dose of Sean Penn reading Dylan !



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