Podcasting and GPS

The possibilities of integrating the podcasting concept with a Global Positioning System are very interesting, both for the user and the commercial services industry. As soon as you near a certain location, the GPS triggers the download. It could be traffic information, information about the area, cities, neighborhoods or even buildings and people. Beyond that, it could trigger commercial messages (all subscription based of course) from specific vendors, events or services in the area. Traveling through a country and getting location based highlights from your favorite travel guide with special events info (pulled from another channel) on top sounds very good to me. The production costs shouldn't be a problem, so many services could start with a very small subscription base. To be continued!


At 6:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey -- I really like this idea. The challenge is that right now, of course, GPS can't transmit data actively, yet GSM signals don't expose location very well through a public API. Have you looked at the MapPoint Location Server? It offers you a way to connect your corporate mobile devices to location and build applications around it. Right now it's only for businesses because it requires Active Directory, but you could surely imagine some very interesting corporate scenarios in addition to your consumer ones you highlight. From Anders Brown, andersbrown@hotmail.com.

At 2:50 AM, Blogger JS said...

Thanks for the tip. Took a closer look at the Location Server features: http://www.microsoft.com/mappoint/products/locationserver/default.mspx and it seems very well suited for the concept in a b2b environment. First thing that comes to mind is the transport industry .. Keep us updated on related developments!

At 3:58 AM, Blogger Bruce Miller said...

Siemens AG just announced their digital grafito which would let individuals and businesses trigger this sort of podcast at a set location.


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