Podcasting Vibe

What about this special Podcasting Vibe? Everybody involved is buzzing with energy and ideas. Deep irritation about futile mishaps has given way to endless goodwill (ALL crucial systems halt while ipodder starts downloading!!) and most are suddenly blessed with a thick skin and flexible ego (nobody gets mad at Dave Slusher, no matter how hard he tries). Isn't Adam Curry's Daily Source Code above all a 40 minute shot of New Frontier excitement?! It's a distinctly European flavored (radio) Vibe too, with lots of ironic jokes, mocking and dirty words. At the same time the Open Source community, personified by Dave Winer, brings in its 'Third Way' of doing things, giving the finger to some New Economy basics like secrecy and do-or-die need for profit. This will pass, naturally. Soon the usual suspects like killer apps, copyright and market share will temper spirits. Let's enjoy the ride, either way.


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