Primetime Podcasting - Talk Radio Giant Starts Podcasting

Almost 1 year after the first podcast, Rush Limbaugh, the Giant of American Talk Radio, started podcasting. Subscribers to his website can download a podcatcher and receive the show of the day in 3, 1 hour mp3's, manual downloads are available too. The files will be up within 2 hours after each show. Limbaugh announced it to his audience of 20 million(!) under the banner: "Rush 24/7: A Huge Day in EIB History: The Rush Limbaugh Podcast Debuts". This marks the beginning of US 'Primetime Podcasting'. Up next: iTunes. Whatever happened to Howard Stern?


At 6:36 PM, Anonymous Brian Klenk said...

I think I'm the first person to write about this... Spamcasting. Spamcasts are downloadable audiofiles that appear to be of interest, but are actually product advertisements. They are disgused to look like podcasts... you search for them and download them thinking that they are a podcast, but in reality they are a 10 or fifteen minute infomercial.

I think it's only a matter of time... with larger media sources starting to move on podcasting, money is going to become an issue. Already you can smell the feeding frenzy as people maneuver ways into making money off of podcasting.

If this isn't a fad... what will happen?
Commercials? Eventually... I think it will happen when software is created that allows Directories to automatically splice in commercials when people download.

Product endorsement? Most definitely. I think if podcasting continues, we will see a return to the early days of television. Hosts will endorse products, comment on them "mmm mmm mmm that Sugary, yet lo-cal Barf-Energy drink is so darn good! I could just drink these all day long!"

Product placement? If we see an increase in pod-drama shows, yes. Same for videopodcasting.

The worst-case scenario? SPAMCASTING. Think about it. Right now, people are allowing podcasters to post their "memes", their ideas and thoughts free to others. It's great! However, it opens itself wide open to abuse. Recipients take the time to try and find podcasts that appeal to them. That requires a little effort, a little "investment" of their time. They need to download the podcast, furthering their "investment".

The bigger the investment in something, the harder it is for someone to give it up. If a spammer sets up a hidden commercial in a fake podcast, people might listen to it... they might listen longer because they have an investment in the podcast. That's like crack to a spammer.

Spam and infomercials are trashy and annoying. Is there anything we can do to stop or reduce spamcasting before it occurs?

I think we need to address this issue before it happens. As far as I know, spamcasts have not yet been created. They will be.

At 2:25 AM, Blogger JS said...

Indeed Brian, it's just a matter of time before this explodes. The adult and health 'industries' will show the way, i'm sure. Soon they'll start terrorizing podcast-searches too.

Genuine podcast producers and their audience will cope and accept it as a matter of fact, knowing that remedies could, overall, be more harmful than the spam. The same goes for ghostblogging.. it's rampant already, but everybody looks the other way.


At 3:54 AM, Blogger NewsstandGreg said...

Brian, this post makes it clear that the first "spamcast" has ALREADY been created!

Rush's spew is as bogus as can be...and to package it with a "podcast" label is disingenuous...it's really a spamcast, full of distortions and failures of logic. Just for starters!

--Newsstand Greg


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