'The Podcasting Network' launched

Adam Curry and Dave Winer mused about the concept of a commercial Podcasting Network for some months, but their commercial partnership never materialized. So others walked the talk and the 'The Podcasting Network' opened its doors yesterday. Its run by Mick Stanic and Cameron Reilly, the duo behind G'day World Podcast. "The Podcast Network will be the best collection of podcast’s available anywhere that are managed and aggregated under the one roof". They currently offer 3 shows: G'day World, The Gadget Show and The Mobiles Show. The 'Business' and 'Lifestyle' channels are still up for grabs. "Unlike a directory, all of the content available on The Podcast Network will be managed by a central production team ensuring not only the quality and consistency of the actual content itself but also of the audio quality and the file tagging." Not to mention the PR value of being part of this Network! (By the way: the timing of their interview with Steve Rubel was excellent). Their initial source of revenue is sponsorship and advertising, but "Over time, some premium content may be developed that will require either registration, a small one-time-only purchase or an annual subscription fee."


Customised Podcasting for businesses and organizations

Customised Podcasting is an excellent information tool for businesses and organizations. Cerado.com started a Customised Podcast Service as a companion to their existing (Competitive Intelligence) briefing documents. More here.